Corsair H60 on OC i7 920 (High temps)

Hi All,

I've decided to move into water cooling for the first time and purchased a Corsair H60. My previous cooler (Scyth Mugen) was giving me decent temps at 3.6ghz/vcore 1.26v but I wanted more out of my CPU.

After a surprisingly quick installation I booted up to check out my "awesome" new temps so I can get down to some serious overclocking but to my surprise the H60 was giving me the same temps as my old air cooler. Roughly 42c on all cores at idle and up to 75c at full load running at 3.6ghz!!!
Im new to water cooling but i'm pretty sure thats not good!!

Im currently waiting for a response from Corsair's technical service but in the meantime, has anybody had any experience with this cooler and can offer any advice? Im in work at the moment so I cant offer anymore info on temps, bios settings ect.

Your help will be much appreciated!!!

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  1. Might want to get this moved to the watercooling forum...we have some discussions similar to your experience over there with other LCS coolers.

    You shouldn't be seeing 75C at 3.6...maybe at 4.6+...

    BTW...H60 LCS isn't really watercooling...

    **Edit: moved here from heatsinks & air cooling***
  2. oops sorry! my bad!
  3. No problem...this would be a better place for people to post and reply. We have a lot more folks here that have more specific knowledge surrounding LCS coolers and water cooling loops. Just trying to help get you the most informative help I can find.
  4. Thanks man! I've just found a Sharkoon Silent Eagle 120mm lying around and noticed that theres threads on both sides of the rad. Will adding this fan to the rad help and what direction should the air flow go?
  5. Hey Marney,

    The recommended air flow is outside in with the back fan blowing cool outside air across the radiator and the inside fan pulling it off and dispersing into the case for your other case fans to exhaust. Corsair recommends using 2 fans with similar rpm/cfm ratings for the best performance. I am not 100% sure that having a fan as strong on the inside is 100% necessary but that is what they recommend.

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