A-Power AK 750W 20+4-pin ATX PSU w/SATA & PCIe (Black)

Hi to every body who read this and helping to the noob(s).:>
Month i passing away and i cant choose PSU.
i am low on budget!
weeeery l00Oow!
i need to know how good is this psu,
A-Power AK 750W 20+4-pin ATX PSU w/SATA & PCIe (Black)
and i would like to choose one from this up and this
tell me please which one to take,
HANTOL has true 490W, but for A-POWER i am not shure but it`s 20$ more on budget!
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  1. These brands I'm familiar with: antec, ocz, seasonic, enermax, corsair, and pc power and cooling. If one of your brands is made by seasonic, then you should be ok.
  2. Avoid. A-Power has long been a bottom tier brand, and lack of a UL certification file number on the label is itself a very bad sign. This is the one component where the worst products should be avoided since it's a safety component, and the quality variation is far, far greater than it is for motherboards.
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