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I have recently purchased a GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD7 LGA 1366 and also a 2200mhz ram that was made for a 55 chip set! I have been researching, but am at a lost for what is the best possible ram configuration for my motherboard. Price is not a concern of mine, I just want the best possible ram configuration for gaming. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated so I do not purchase wrong RAM again or RAM that does not offer the best gaming experience possible. Thank You for your suggestions
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  1. I recommend the corsair 6 gb xms3 for $154.99 before a $20 rebate. 6 gb is enough for most anything you will do on a pc. The ram will be installed in the same color slots; read the motherboard manual for installation instructions. Open the white clips and line up the off center notch carefully before applying pressure. I listen for clicks when the ram is seated in the slot and the clips engage. I also recommend you place the motherboard on a phonebook or cardboard box for testing. With just the cpu/heatsink, memory, video(card and monitor), and keyboard installed, connect the 24 pin atx and 8 pin power supply leads; remove the power supply from the case if you can't reach the board. Then locate the cluster of pins that include the power switch pins and touch them with a plain flathead screwdriver. The board will power up and the post screen will tell you which key to press to enter the bios. Locate the boot order selection, and use cd>hardrive for the boot order, save and exit. Then power down by unplugging the power supply and disconnect the ps wires. Ground yourself on metal or use a esd strap if you have one to prevent circuit damage while handling the board. Leave the power supply out of the case while you tilt the board to install it against the backplate, which you should install first. You'll have to read the rest somewhere else.
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