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Here is my situation. I have a hanspree 22in monitor, bfg 9600 gt ocx and want to get the best picture quality possible. My gpu has dvi ports and no vga, while my monitor has vga.

So I ask....
Should I use a dvi cable and have a vga adapter connected directly to the monitor

or should I have the adapter on the gpu and use a vga cable to the monitor?

Not sure if it matters ?

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  1. I used to just come off the card with the converter. Shouldnt make any difference.
  2. there would be no difference, due to the gpu sends an anolouge down DVI aswell, just choose whatever cable looks better (which one looks more high quality)
  3. Just go with whichever suits your set up best, personally I do as JDJ does and put the adaptor on the card. This does make the cable stick out further so if you want the PC further back on the desk put it on the other end. I like that it stops me putting the case too close to the wall as it increases air flow around the back of the case.

  4. It doesn't matter. +1
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