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HELP! We want a secure/wireless connection for our home office computer. We do not have a home phone (only use cells), but do have a jack. I was told by AT&T we need to buy a modem from them for $75, and be connected to their service (1.5,3.0,60mg.......have no idea which speed we need) for a monthly fee around $40....that's fine. We received a Netgear wireless-N router as a gift. Our pc is not wired for wireless internet. Please tell me if I am understanding how all this goes together so we can get on the darn internet! 1) hook modem to ph jack, 2) hook router to modem, 3) need to get adapter for netgear since our computer is "wireless". Is it all that easy? NO, because I was just reading about making sure to get the right modem from AT&T (DSL or ADSL) or you can't connect. Will someone please explain this all to me in an"A,B,C" matter so I can get this working? And also what's the best speed... to sign up for uploading recipies/pics..etc?
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  1. now for your speed i would go with the 3.0 just because its a fair speed and its still faster than dial up. as long as you arent downloading huge files you should be ok and by huge files i mean like movies or 30min youtube shows. for the internet it could be all kinds of stuff like do you even have a dialtone coming out of that jack, is your data running off another line, is the modem even locking up? i would have att come fix it. it might be something small or it could be something big.
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