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I overclocked both gpu's on my 295 GTX from a core clock of 576 ea. to a clock of 702 ea, and the shader clock went up from 1242 to 1511 ea.

Will this O'c give yeild any noticable performance changes and will it increase the heat level that much? At idle the card is at 43 degrees and at load i've gotten to 53. And is it more important to o'c the core and shader clocks or the memory clocks?
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  1. if the temperatures stay sub 80 your fine. to make sure it won't reach these kind of temps and to double check its stable run OCCT's GPU OCCT test and Memory test,

    that is quite a significant overclock it should show some real world gains, still i must ask what could be taxing a 295GTX enough to require overclocking?
  2. Well luckily nothing taxes it that much, i was just testing it for fun because it was my first OC
  3. it depends on your CPU, when you have core i7 in, decently oced, than you will seen performance boost (in some games more in other less) but if you have dual/quad core (even oced heavily) there will be nothing noticeable most games dual/quad cores are not able to squeeze out GPU at stock
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