Best gpu set up for P2 940 build

Hi Guys.

I am pondering.

Just about to buy my bits and had a last minute thought about gpu.

My set up goes like this

Phenom 2 940 (Black edition - will oc to 3.4)
Gigabyte 790fx mobo
Antec 902
Corsair 750 psu
Oc gold 2x2 gb mem
.... I was going to throw in a 4850x2 card... but then decided on a 4870x2...

BUT.. then I was thinking maybe I'll get 2 4890's and crossfire but will I see MUCH MORE difference to the dual 4870??(for the price)..

AND..then I thought maybe a couple of gtx 260 cards (crossfire). Not sure if the board (and cpu would get best results with one slot (using the 4870x2 and MAY be my best option) or is Nvidia friendly (I have seen better benchmarks with ATI cards on this set up.

Budget is flexible (I am a gamer - not bothered about how long adobe takes to load ;-)... but please no i7 suggestions - this ones gonna be an AMD I am afraid.

Cheers for any suggestions guys.

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  1. Anyone?...
  2. I would stick witht he 4870x2, you won't see too much more of an increase with the 4890's (at least for the price) and the 4870x2 is easily one of the most powerful gpus on the market
  3. WHAT GAMES DO U PLAY? Crysis and world in conflict?
  4. Ah.. well...

    Football manager (I know this is not a big draw on gpu)
    Empire total war...

    and yet to explore the likes of Crysis ect

    Always been an xbox fan and this is my first build. I am sure when it's done I'll be eager to push it as far as I can and play all the top games!
  5. Get OCZ Platinum I think... it's not noticably more expensive. Keep the 4870s. Board will not do SLi. Consider dropping to the 790X.
  6. Have decided on the asus m3a79t deluxe mobo and mushkin ram... thanks for the heads up
  7. you forgot the most important detail, what is your monitors resolution? without that no one can offer advice that is useful.
  8. sorry... i'm going for the asus vh226h.... its 1920x1080...
  9. One 4890 will be fine. Save some cash for now until the 5xxx series cards drop in a few months. It's silly to spend 400+ on cards now only to have much better cards drop in 3-4 months
  10. thanks for the heads up... but the 4870x2 card is only 200 quid on over clockers now...

    do you think one 4890 would be enough for the spec/resolution??..
  11. if you want to grab a 4870x2 now, yes it will perform better than a 4890. how much better/ is that increase worth it to you? check the benchmarks for the appropriate games and decide for yourself. I would just hate to see anyone throw cash away today when you know you will be grabbing a 5xxx card when they come out anyway.
  12. just checked and there seems to be a 30fps gap on some games.. i know thats not huge but think im going for the 4870x2 as the price is good.

    thanks anyway matr
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