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I have been using windows 7 64 bit for about 3 weeks now and have been having trouble with my Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX+. Every so often when I'm using a more heavily graphic process the screen with go black for a second then reappear with a message about the NVIDIA DRIVER KERNEL HAS STOPPED WORKING AND HAS SUCCESSFULLY RECOVERED. I've been looking around and have been told to try a different driver. Tried with no avail. Used the 185.81, 186.08, the 186.18 and the 181.22 drivers with no change. Also, sometimes the card will not recover and blue screen. Any help?
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  1. Have u tried with Windows Vista or XP?
  2. yea I've used both XP and Vista with no problems
  3. As W7 is still a work in progress results may vary, the latest driver is 190.38.
  4. This is almost definitely not a video issue.

    The error is reported as a driver error but it is likely reflecting a hardware issue. The most likely culprits are:
    1) PSU
    2) RAM
    3) Motherboard
    4) Overheating

    Unfortunately the fix is basic troubleshooting. The easiest is the cooling. Open up the case and place a huge house fan to blow air from front to back (on a slight angle).

    If you have two sticks of RAM you can try one at a time. See your motherboard manual for the correct slot.

    The PSU is straight replacement unfortunately and is the second to last thing you can rule out.

    The motherboard is a pain to troubleshoot.
  5. Mousemonkey said:
    As W7 is still a work in progress results may vary, the latest driver is 190.38.

    Agreed when it works fine with both XP/VISTA then i don't think there is a problem with your system,as mouse said W7 is still in progress so some users may experience some problems with it.
    I had W7 RC and when i played Crysis with it,whenever i wanted to exit it gave me BSOD so i rolled back to VISTA and i'm waiting for the final release of W7.
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