Vista Ultimate 64bits to Windows7 Pro/Home?

I currently have on my computer Vista Ultimate 64bit Edition and I am woundering if it's possible to be to just buy the Windows7 Home upgrade? If not, can I take the Pro update?
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  1. You can't buy Windows 7 until October. I imagine at that time you can get the Home version upgrade.
  2. Pre-Order is open today. This is why I am asking.

    here is what I have found on CNET

    • Users with Windows Vista Home Premium will be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium. Vista Business and Vista Ultimate users will be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate, respectively.

    I still can't figure out if the last sentence mean that user will be able to upgrade to W7 Ultimate only with the W7 ultimate upgrade.
  3. pre orders is for win 7 home or business, you get what you order and pay for. I don't know what article you read but perhaps you are looking at the the free upgrade offered with many new computer.
  4. I am searching an answer to know if it's possible to Upgrade to Win7 Home edition from an Vista Ultimate version?

    Or... it's just possible to stay in the same edition in the upgrade (home to home, pro to pro..)?
  5. If you have Vista Ultimate now, when you upgrade you will be able to get Windows 7 Ultimate. Easiest way to say it, you'll upgrade the version you have now, premium to premium, ultimate to ultimate ect....
  6. It is my understanding that you upgrade to what you buy regardless of what you have, providing of course that it is a legal copy.
  7. Alright :( I do not want to have the Win7 Ultimate cause it's over my need already with Vista Ultimate, I would simply buy a cheapest upgrade if it would have been possible. Thank to let me know that it isn't.
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