UATX mobo suggestions for specific HTPC build

Hello everyone,

I'm getting close (would like to purchase within the next week) to building my first HTPC, but I need a little help on a few of the last components.

I will not be gaming but will be using the machine for OTA HD recording (dvr function, watching and storing dvds and bluerays, full screen hulu, and some light internet.

Case - Antec Fusion Remote Black
CPU - AMD Athlon II X2 250
Motherboard - ??
*HD - WD10EADS (storage)
*- WD6401AALS (for OS)
*PSU - Antec earthwatts EA500
*Drive - LG GGC-H20L
*Tuner - HVR-2250
*GPU - Radeon HD 4670
OS - Windows 7 RC

*Already have

My question is: I really like the antec case so therefore I need a uATX board. Can anyone recommend a board that would work with my setup. My main concern is obviously the board has to be compatible with the cpu, but I know the GPU takes a PCI-E 2.0 and blocks a slot because of the fan. I need to still be able to use a PCI-E X1 for the tuner.

I see that most uATX mb's have 1 PCI-E2.0 and 1 PCI-E and i haven't installed a GPU yet so I don't know how it will install and what to look for to see if it will block the other PCI-E port needed.

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated!
(also if you notice anything left out or any incompatibility)
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