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so i had it with linksys and their stupid products. im on my 4th router in the past 3 years. each one has died within 1 year and they we all decent mainstream routers. now granted theyre fine for gaming and such but when my dad, sister, and mom all get on and i wanna game it laggs me down some.

so my question is, can i prolong the life of my router so i dont ahve to keep buying one or when it does break can someone suggest a VERY fast router for alot of people with me gaming on it!
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  1. 4 routers in 3 years?! is there any possibility of an environmental issue? poor ventilation maybe or its sat on top of something hot? microwave even? (know that sounds silly) You may just have had VERY bad luck, I would expect 2 years minimum per router but really 3 - 5. I've had my dlink DIR-655 for 2 years now with 24/7 use and a fair few users online most of the day.

    As for gamming lag, you want to use the traffic prioritising software that should be on the routers web interface - I think its called EOS on my dlink but I may be wrong - this will allow you to prioritise ports and protocols over others, basically creating a ranking of importance for what the routers routing and reducing game lag.
  2. It's called QOS. Quality Of Service
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