Is it worth my while up grading from core2 to i7 or quad????

Ok need some advice...

New to this whole forum thing so lemme know if i'm causing S**T...

I got an offer on my parts of my pc ..

core 2 e6750 @3.7Ghz... After market rocket cooler + NB and SB Coolers
4Gig DDR2
P5n-e Sli mother board

what i want to know is it i sell this for round R3000 (which is round about what i paid for it 1.5 years ago) am i going to see any benefits if i upgrade to the Q9550?
I should really ask am i going to see R2000s worth of upgrade cause that's roughly what the Q9950 mb and After market cooler will cost me.

I use my pc... for gaming mostly

I'm worried that if i don't sell now I'm not going to get much for it in a years time...
But i also don't want to have to upgrade twice...Meaning if i sell this i don't want to have to sell the Q9550 in a years time because the i7 prices have dropped...
Or should i just go for the i7 now i am a dealer so i do get very good prices on parts but its a lot of money if I'm not going to be using the extra power...

Any comments would help me make my mind up thanks!
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  1. Goatz said:

    core 2 e6750 @3.7Ghz
    4Gig DDR2
    P5n-e Sli motherboard

    what i want to know is it i sell this for round R3000 (which is round about what i paid for it 1.5 years ago) am i going to
    Not sure what the market prices are for those parts now. Price them yourself - see what they would cost to replace now. Thats probably what they're worth.
    It's unlikely it will fetch the same price you paid 18 months ago. Then a new E6750 went for about $200. Overclocking the E6750 to 3.7Ghz will not have increased its resale value.

    Today you could pick up a good used E6750 for around $50. And a brand new E5300 2.6GHz for around $70.

    My opinion is you won't see a good return on the price you pay for the upgrade.
  2. I agree, there is no reason to upgrade that system yet, Don't waste your money, spend it on something else at this point.
  3. Thanks for the help.. and i will get my self another 1.5t hdd instead.
  4. Pls bear in mind though that Socket 775 is being phased out by the newer 1156 / 1366 sockets. so this time neat year you could find that you need a new mobo / cpu / ram...
  5. I understand but i think i might as well wait for the price of the i7 to drop rather than buy quad now and have to go to i7 later.
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