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For AMD Phenom ii x4 955 BE owners

I decided to put some info from another thread, and other new info about tweaking your 955 BE just in case anyone wanted to know. First off, i will continue to update this with new info.
We all know you can undervolt the 955 to 1.175v, stable. This actually gave me significant temperature changes ( 29 C idle, 36 gaming, 41 load). I am going to try to push this and update, as well as try to find the lowest voltage at 3.4 Ghz for 965 owners.

Changing FSB instead of multiplier (also at 1.175v)-
I though that having a higher HT bus speed, but a lower multiplier would give an increase in performance, but the minimum increase in performance you get at stock speed and said voltage, is if you raise the HT bus to 214 and lower the multiplier to 15. i will be testing with higher HT bus speeds as well.

Any suggestions or ideas to test are welcome.

P.S: is it safe to raise the bus past 220?
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  1. Not every 955 will undervolt as far as 1.175. Undervolting is the same as overclocking, no 2 processors are identicle and there will be fluxuation in the voltage needed for different clock speeds.
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    I suggest you use the program K10Stat, PhenomMsrTweaker is similar but I found it caused boot problems.
    Zip: K10Stat version .91

    It lets you customize the cool'n'quiet settings, including the cpu frequencies, voltages, and northbridge voltages at all 4 power states. You can also set at what processor load percentages you want the cpu to change power states.

    I currently have my 955 BE running at 800MHz idle at .875 volts, 26 C.
    As soon as processor demand passes the desired %, it ramps up the clock multiplier and voltage. I have it set to clock up to 3.4GHz over 99% usage, at 1.26V, 49 C load.
    Here is a good guide to setting up the program:
    K10Stat Guide

    You can clock the bus way higher than 220, (I've seen people use 300MHz+) but don't bother, that's the beauty of an unlocked multiplier, you don't have to mess with memory dividers or anything. Everything I've read has said that you gain much more by overclocking the cpu-NB than you do the HT. I'm running my NB at 2.4GHz, +.1v. It made my memory settings much more stable and increased bandwidth.

    Good luck and happy over/underclocking!
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