Hard Drive Randomly Working?

I've had a asus G73Jh laptop for a little under a year and a couple days ago my secondary hard drive started acting up. My laptop has two 320 gb seagate momentus drives, each partitioned into 2 more parts. Luckily the primary still works fine so I can still boot windows just fine.

The problem occurred when I was playing a video game installed on my secondary drive, it suddenly crashed the entire computer causing it to instantly shut off. I tried to turn it back on, and the secondary hard drive started clicking and windows took forever to load. It didn't recognize the secondary drive so I figured it simply failed. Luckily nothing important was on the secondary drive. I was upset but I just installed my game on my primary drive and was going to replace my secondary drive.

I started playing again and for some reason my game froze and crashed my computer again. So I started it up one more time and played some more. It crashed again, but this time when it started up the secondary drive was read by the computer. I don't really know what is going on, is it possible that the secondary drive is randomly working and whenever it does the computer crashes because of it? I was just going to wait until I bought another hard drive to take out the bad one, but I am considering taking it out just to see if the hard drive itself is the problem. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I am not the biggest computer tech guy on the planet so I am not 100% sure about what is wrong.
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  1. A couple things....
    1. the controller on the motherboard is bad
    2. the hard drive is bad (maybe bad sectors). Seagate sucks. they have a 50% failure rate.

    1. running checkdisk on both the hard drives (if it reports anything bad, take the drive and and put a new one while the old drive is still kinda working so you can extract data from it)
    2. defrag the drives (I use Defraggler)
  2. Seagates failure rate isnt 50% but it is higher than other manufacturers. Download SeaTools for DOS and burrn it onto a CD, to a long disk self test on both of the drives, it will test the drives and give you an error code that you neeed if you want to RMA the drive.

    Seatools should also give you the drives Serial Number so you know you are pulling out the right drive from the laptop.
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