Viewsonic VA2010wb monitor wont turn on!

I have been using my monitor now for almost a year and it has worked fine untill literally this morning. I was using it this morning, nor problems. I left the cmputer on but turned the screen off to go for a cycle and when i returned 2 hours later, i pressed the button under the screen to turn it back on and it just started flashing the green light on making an odd buzzing.hissing noise.

The screen is not turning on at all and i have tried unplugging it from the wall and the pc. It seems that it has broken, or blown a fuse or something.

Has anyone else had a similar problem, or any suggestions? Thx
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Try building outside the computer on cardboard. Sart with mobo, psu, beeper and processsor only. Listen for beeps. Add components and listen for beeps. Add the video card and listen for beeps and look for video.
  2. You have a problem with the capacitors in the power supply of the monitor. They have leaked and have to be changed. I am a Viewsonic service engineer and I have very big experience with VS monitors. This is a very common problem with this model. If you can not change them, have your monitor serviced by a qualified repairman.
  3. Get in touch with viewsonic customer service/ technical support. You stated your monitor is ~ a year so its under warranty. They will fix and or repair your monitor.

    I have > 2 year old viewsonic display in one of my PCs. A power surge screw it up. One phone call and after 20 days i got a replacement display.

    I'm a satisfied customer...
  4. Hey. I have had the exact same problem, I've KINDA figured it out how to make it turn on, and i don't no if i'm getting it by chance or luck or if it works.
    When i start up my computer, the monitor light goes orange (as usual) then it goes green and starts flashing on and off.
    On the first flash, i turn my monitor off my the button, and click my mouse, wriggle it around and press all the keys. I take my hand off the key board with my hand still moving the mouse, and turn the monitor back on. I keep wriggling the mouse and clicking buttons until it gets to my log in stage.
    This has about an 70%-80% chance of working FOR ME, but i don't know if it will work for you.
    I have read into these monitors and found it is a common problem.
    I hope this is helped and yes, i still want my monitor to work properly, but better than no monitor at all.
    I really hope this has helped you.
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