Should I buy a WD Velociraptor 10000 RPM drive?

I recently had my OCZ SSD go belly up and its got me thinking more and more about backups. I already keep my important items on a separate drive than my OS, but I have no actual backup for them. What I was thinking was simplifying my drives setup.

My current setup consists of a 60gb SSD, a 1tb drive and a few old 250gb drives. What I had in mind was moving toward something like this:

60gb SSD - OS (and a few programs that require a 'C' drive install).
300gb 10000 RPM - Main drive for program/apps installations.
1tb - Music, etc... (All media)
2tb - Used only for backups.

This would require buying the 10000 RPM drive (link $149) and a 2tb drive (link $109)

I know that platform drives are aging technology, but SSD's are pretty pricy still. So the question is:

For my programs/apps installations, would I be better suited buying a 300gb 10K RPM drive for $149 or spending $250-300 on another SSD at around 120gb? I really don't want to spend the money on an SSD if there's no real reason to do so.
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  1. Too complicated IMHO...Lots of different sizes and volumes out there.

    Since you are doing a backup, why not pick up 2 1tb or 2x750G drives and put them in RAID 0 for performance? You will have performance, and simplicity. And if this saves you some money you can upgrade the SSD or just save it....
  2. ^1 - agree! KISS
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