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I am into making divx's. I compact a lot of things for people and my cpu runs around 69c while doing this. In idle mode it runs about 45 with the ambrient temp of say 35. Coud some one tell me what the acceptable heat range is for a quad core cpu. thanking you
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  1. It depends on your CPU, what is your CPU? But in my case my Pentium 4 3.0 GhZ is at temps 80-90 which is unnacceptable, im buying a new cooler soon. In most cases the recommended maxium temprature is 70-80. But my CPU goes up to 80-90 in idle O>O.
  2. Ah sorry didnt read that your CPU was quad core, the recommend max temps are around 70-90 too, but if it is in idle at 80-90 than you have a cooling problem.
  3. For 35C ambient those temps are pretty good. A new cooler may help somehwat, but lowering the ambient temperature a good amount will make a big difference. What CPU are we talking about here? Core 2 Quad, Core i7 or Phenom II?
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