Monitor issue 'OUT OF RANGE' with my FX6800-01e **SOLVED**

My pc which is the gateway FX6800-01e has been having issues when I game lately, which comes up as a black screen saying 'OUT OF RANGE' just as I begin to play a game. Everytime this occurs I am forced to restart my computer with a hardboot, which unfortunately for me I have done this more than afew times. When I originally bought this the computer ran perfectly, but somewhere along the way this issue arised. I have tried to do a system restore but that doesnt accomplish anything since the issue doesnt disapper. I have tried different monitors to see if its just going out of my resolution; an hd 24inch monitor, a generic 20inch, and a generic 18inch, I've even tried lowering the resolution to as low as it gets before playing but the resolution doesnt seem to give me an answer. My graphics card is an ATI Radeon 4850 and I am well aware that my graphics card drivers seem to be causing some sort of error when i try to install new drivers for it, something about Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) couldnt install due to 'not enough disk space'.I currently have over 700GB of free space so its not that.

UPDATE** Now I have just learned that If I watch a video or movie in fullscreen it gives me the same error. So is it a graphics card bug involving fullscreen? or am I missing a program I should have?

This seems to happen to each game I try to play. I still don't know whats wrong and system restore doesnt get rid of the problem. Could it be a problem with the graphics card cooperating with the monitor?

Please help me out, I don't want my 1200$ gaming rig to be deadweight.
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  1. Do a Windows repair.
  2. Ok I'm looking for the windows repair. Where is it at? I did some research and the repair program is originally located on a disc? this pc never came with discs so I had to back them up my self. Where would I find this?
  3. gateway was too cheap enough to give me some damn OS discs for buying one of their computers. It wont give me the choice to run repairs on my backup discs I made. Only system restores. ONLY. Thats what happens when youre forced to take backup discs that dont transfer everything you need. WTF!? well hell i dont have 200 dollars that I can instantly blow on another vista OS disk. And I dont feel like risking looking for it through torrent. now what?
  4. kingtrue11,

    i'v been repair the same brand computer FX 6800 gateway.
    what cause this issue it's the ATI Radeon 4850 card... weird yeah?

    i ended up,install (replace) a new card an ASUS-250 serie, 1gig DD3,and is computer run just fine now.

    (you can sell your ATI radeon 4850,the card will run just fine on (custom-built computer).

  5. 'out of range' means that the refresh rate is set too high like 80-100Hz for a lcd that can only use 60-75Hz, look around in the graphics settings... nothing wrong with the card...

    lol just noticed the dates, nice job 'hey man' firts post in an old thread....
  6. Sry about not updating you guys with an answer.


    Turns out I sent it in and the guys said the fan has been broken on it for awhile now. So the graphics card must've been overheated, which in turn caused it to break.

    Well its fixed now, an entirely new graphics card has been put in, and its been going fine for the last 4 months.

    Thanks for helping out.
  7. Can you update the graphics driver though?

    I have the same machine, not the same issue i don't think. I'm just trying to update the graphics card drivers.


    If you uninstall the runtimes prior to performing the update on the vid driver no errors happen. Although it doesn't appear to actually update the driver. HRM.

    Driver still says 8.67
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