Running directx11 on windows xp 32 bit, do these work?

of all of the sites that offer direct x 11 for windows xp, do any of them work?

rather than build a whole new rig, i just want to upgrade what i have for now, i will build a new one after windows 8 comes out.

here is what i have
windows xp 32 bit service pack 3
dual pentium 3.0 gig processor
3 gigs of ram
radeon 5570 vid card
1 tb hard drive
430 watt psu

right now this is fine for some light gaming, but wont play games like skyrim or modern warfare 3.
it uses directx9.

i can improve the card right now, get either a 5770 or 6770 since they are dropping in price, but cant utilize their direct x 11. is that even worth it?

If i built a new machine, would get a quad core processor, 8 gigs of ram, probably a radeon 6850, later on maybe crossfire it with another 6850.

if i can get direct x 11 on my current setup, i would just get a 5770 right now. then build a new setup in a couple of years.
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  1. I would not use any of those hacks. If you REALLY need DX11 support, build a new PC and install Windows 7.
  2. yeah that is what i am thinking. and need directx11? no not at the m oment, i am not buying skyrim or any of the other recent releases at this point, but yea maybe down the road.
  3. These hacks normally do more damage than good. Avoid them if possible.
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