Need help with raid 0 (noob)

hello. i have 3 sata drives, where i want to use raid 0 between 2 of them and then the 3rd plugged in independantly just for important data, in case of failure. this is possible, right?

i have a msi p43-c51 motherboard, which i don't know if it support raid 0? can anyone find this out for me as i see alot of contradicting info on google. thanks in advance, that's all my questions for now.

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  1. Well.....based on the specs from your motherboard's website (never forget the obvious places to look) you don't have built in RAID capabilities. However, if you're really set on having a RAID array you could buy a sperate raid controller card off eBay or a brand new one and plug it into a pci/pci-e slot.

    MSI Reminds you:
    Because of the limitations of chipset, this MB does not support Win98/ME.

    Socket 775
    CPU (Max Support) Core 2 Extreme
    AM3 CPU Ready N/A
    FSB / Hyper Transport Bus 800/1066/1333/1600* (OC)
    Chipset Intel® P43+ICH10
    DDR2 Memory N/A
    DDR3 Memory DDR3 800/1066
    Memory Channel Dual
    DIMM Slots 4
    Max Memory (GB) 8
    PCI-Ex16 1
    PCI-E Gen 2.0 Gen2 (1x16)
    PCE-Ex4 N/A
    PCI-Ex1 2
    PCI 3
    IDE 1
    SATAII 6
    RAID N/A
    LAN 10/100/1000*1
    TPM 1
    USB 3.0 ports (Rear) N/A
    USB 2.0 ports (Rear) 6
    Audio ports (Rear) 6
    Serial ports (Rear) 1
    Parallel ports (Rear) N/A
    1394 ports (Rear) N/A
    eSATA N/A
    Display Port N/A
    VGA N/A
    HDMI N/A
    DVI N/A
    VGA Share Memory (MB) N/A
    DirectX N/A
    Form Factor ATX
    DrMOS N/A
    APS Y
    Sideport Memory N/A
    SLI N/A
    3-way SLI N/A
    Hybrid SLI N/A
    CrossFire N/A
    Hybrid CrossFire N/A
    D-LED2 N/A
    Green Power Genie

    Purchasing a new motherboard might save you more money, but that depends on a number of things like the type of memory and processor you are using.
  2. First thing is that RAID 0 can produce some good numbers but its doesn't really make your system feel faster as implementing it does not decrease the Seek Time. RAID 0 can be useful if you have two smaller drives. Putting them into RAID 0 means you have "one" larger drive.

    If you have important data then you are much better off with RAID 1 (mirror RAID). Having another single drive to keep important data on offers you no Redundancy whatsoever.
  3. thanks guys. i guess i'll wait until i need a new mobo someday, those raid cards are damn expensive, and if it doesn't speed up the system that much, i guess i'll settle with what i what i have for now.

    thanks again.
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