E7300 stock OC with SetFSB

My system is compaq sg3650il with an e7300 processor.As it is branded i couldn't oc it with bios as it's locked..I used setfsb to oc it to 3.02 ghz.Tested with prime95 for 2hrs ..it was stable i had no errors..cpuz showed 3.02ghz at 1.288to1.3 v at top load and 1.14-1.18 at idle state..m using balanced power option in win7 32bit...my ques is whats the safe temperature beyond which the processor could go critical..idle temp is 48-49(core 1) 45-46)core 2 ....while playing games or others i usually keep a large fan in front of the processor hsf ...in such case temp was 58highest at 100% cpu usage..my mobo is msi boston 7525 version 1.0.
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  1. 58 degrees is fine
  2. Up to 70 C is safe.
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