Core i7 920 1 6ghz

my cpu is stuck at 1.6 ghz with a multiplier of 12x ,now whe i go to the bios and set the multiplier at anything else it doesn't make any difference when i run cpuz or any other app the multiplier is at 12x doesn't matter if the spped step is on or not,it was working fine i shut the pc,when i turned on i had this crap wich is driving me crazy.
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  1. can anyone help me?
  2. have you tried stressing the cpu with prime95? the cpu will underclock its self when idle.
  3. yeah i did that,but i found the problem it was ic3 on the cpu it lowers the clock to save power,and my motherboard a asus p6t7 supercomputer u have a option to lock the cpu on that state,which is just dumb,well maybe not since it was to work as a server mobo and i guess is for saving power,everything is smooth as butter running it now at 4.4ghz idlle temp 40 load is 75 and is on air,this cpu is really a monsta ,my voltage is 1.33v cpu i increased a .3 on the qpi and that was it never imagined that i i7 was this good,thanks pjumpleby for your time! bye
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