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I currently have a gigabyte DS3 motherboard with a core2duo 2.4ghz and 2gigs of DDR2 800 RAM.

Looks like part of my board is going on (long story, but have troubleshot the issue and narrowed it down to the board).

With that, I need a replacement board and I need to keep in mind that option of upgrading to a quad core down the road and perhaps, DDR3 memory.

Anyone have suggestions for a board that they like and recommend?
Dont need RAID or onboard video.

Just need something very stable and reliable (will not be overclocking the CPU).

Would like to spend $100 or less, if possible.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Probably answered this somewhere else. Skip the ddr3, which doesn't improve the 775 enough to use now, unless you sell your old ddr2. If you sell it and want to change now, DFI has an x48 board for $110 at newegg that should work fine. For your old ddr2, checkout the Foxconn ELA p45 board for around $83 shipped at newegg. Alot of standard features for the $$.
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