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So right now I have some 40$ wireless adapter setup on my Desktop(sorry, don't know specifics; my friend got it for me). The problem is that randomly 1-2 times every night it will disconnect/not pick up the router or whatever for like a couple seconds... just long enough so that if I'm playing a game, I get disconnected from it.

My question is, if I bought the absolute best adapter there is, or at least upgraded, could I avoid this problem? If so, what do you all recommend I buy?

FWIW the router is in the room next to me but running a direct connection is not feasible. I'm not sure what router it is... it's my roomate's.

Lemme know if I'm leaving any necessary info out, I'm not good with computers...

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  1. You're leaving out most of the necessary info.

    Suggest you experiment with different channels in the router -- see the manual or instructions which came with it.
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