Upgrade for stock AMD cooler? (Phenom II X4)

Hey guys,

I've been looking around for a while now to find a CPU cooler for an AMD phenom II X4 deneb 3.5, and came across the Noctua NH-D14. It's pretty spendy, but if it's really going to give me a significant cooling boost I'd be happy to pay. The stock cooler can handle a little bit of overclocking, but I wanna overclock much more :D From the stats I've been seeing this is one of the best air coolers out there for AMD, correct? Also, I'm just not interested in water cooling for now. Any other great cooler suggestions would also be much appreciated.
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  1. yes Noctua NHD-14 is a very good cooler for a while still in the top rankings, and it would be very suitable for the processor you have, but do not forget if you do overclock watch continues not to exceed temperatures of 55C
  2. Yeah I'm paranoid when it comes to overclocking. I always make small changes and keep an eye on the temp. Also I have excellent case cooling so hopefully with this I'll be set for a while.
  3. The noctua is pretty much top of the line as far as air cooling goes. Personally, i have had very god luck with my thermaltake Frio, easy as pie to install and i never see any higher than 43 degrees at 3.6ghz
  4. I ended up ordering the Noctua. I don't really want to go to water cooling so I feel like this is probably the best option. I have pretty intense case cooling so with this I may be able to approach 4.0ghz
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