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I am in the market for a new monitor for gaming. First off let me explain my setup. I currently have a 15 year old 17" CRT that is in it's final days. It has a couple problems, but it is slowly getting dimmer and dimmer. But well it is 15 years old. Anyhow currently it is my main monitor. I use it primarily for gaming, as well as various other things. Right now I am typing this on it.

My setup is a little weird.

Graphics card > DVI to VGA adapter > CRT
Graphics card > DVI to HDMI cable > HDMI switch
HDMI switch > HDMI to DVI cable > Dell 2408WFP
HDMI switch > HDMI cable > Samsung LN46a650

Both my TV and secondary monitor are great for movies and stuff. But the Dell isn't very good at gaming. I knew that before buying it, but at the time I had my CRT in healthy condition. My TV plays games well enough, but the problem with that is that it is beside/behind me so sitting at my desk using a keyboard/mouse isn't possible on my TV. I also really enjoy having dual screens, as I have spoiled myself with that feature for so long.

Currently I have a GTX 260, but I have another graphics card (9600GT) that could be put in if need be.

I have plenty of room on my desk, technically I could hold a 30" next to my 24", but I am really not looking for a monitor that large. I was looking at the 22 - 28" range, but really it isn't important. Resolution isn't too important, as I said I have 2 other screens that work great for movies, or whatever else I would need a high resolution for. 4:3 aspect ratio works, but 16:9 and 16:10 will work as well. I don't need speakers, web cam, TV tuner, or anything fancy. They won't stop me from buying it, but I don't need it. I wouldn't mind a nice stand, it doesn't really need to turn, tilt, portrait, or height adjust. But a stable stand would be nice. I get into my games sometimes, and my mouse hand goes nuts, thus probably making a non-stable monitor wobble. I know it probably won't fall, but it shaking mid frag-fest wouldn't be an ideal situation.

I wouldn't mind getting an inexpensive display if I can, but price isn't a huge concern to an extent. I don't really plan on spending more than $400 on this though, although Ic ould probably be convinced to spend more. But being that I am a cheap person by nature, and I know what I am going to use this for, I probably will lean to a less expensive screen. Most of the ones I were looking at were in the $200 - $300 range.

I don't play games professionally, but I enjoy winning. I don't like getting rolled in games due to poor hardware performance. Generally I play shooters, but I dabble in all sorts of games.

Basically I am wondering what displays you use for gaming, preferably that I can still buy new. I was looking at the $200 - $300 range, but can spend more if necessary. Size, resolution/aspect ratio, and accessories (camera, speakers...etc) don't matter. I am basically looking for a decent screen (colors, contrast, lack of dead pixels, low bleeding, etc) that performs well for gaming.
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  1. well for that price range and the size your looking for might i suggest an Acer H233H 23in monitor. you can still find these for just under or at $200 and would work really well with your GPU. I just bought one of these a couple months ago for my gaming rig and i gotta tell ya...for $200 bucks this is the sweetest monitor ive ever had. Its perfect for gaming because its not too big but the 40000:1 contrast ratio and being able to max out at 1920x1080 has been a dream come tru...GOOGLE up the reviews, they all give a high score...
  2. Asus VK246H

    or Asus VW246H

    Both are the same except the VK version has a webcam, 16:9 monitor.

    I bought the VK246H (cheaper than VM at the time); needed something cheap to monitor processes on my HTPC from time to time. Turns out to be a very good gaming monitor. Who would have thought? review:
  3. I see you have the Dell 2408WFP which you use for movies and stuff - but it apparently is not for gaming. I understand that model is considered somewhat of a Cadillac of monitors, for non-gaming purposes anyway, but its VA panel has lower response times than the less expensive TN panels. Is that the problem you have with it for gaming? How bad is it? I am very interested as I see its price has dropped from about $650 down to $449 and I once saw it on sale for $389.
    Right now I am using a Dell 2209WA which has an e-ISP panel. I love the picure/graphics quality but have not used if for gaming yet. It is sold only through the Small to Medium Busienss section of their site - not the consumer/home office section and it is even hit or miss to see it there - I understand that they have been having supply shortages - apparently with the new eISP screen. Even when I ordered it I was given a 6 week delivery time because it was out of stock - but received it in 4 weeks.
    Anyway, I would appreciate your thoughts on the 2408WFP for gaming.
  4. Just a reminder that if you get a higher resolution monitor, performance will decrease compared to what you used to have. However, a GTX260 (core 216) should be able to handle 1920x1200 (24" LCD usual resolution) in most games.
  5. Take a look at this:

    Dell DP2309W
  6. Well I only played a few games on my Dell before just deciding to keep playing on the CRT. The first game I tried was L4D. That played fine for the most part. I guess I am kinda sensitive and noticed a bit of input lag, and a bit of ghosting during some of the craziness that happens in that game. Nothing major though, actually I probably wouldn't have noticed had I not been looking for it. As I knew going in what to look for with it's problems. L4D completely playable for me on that monitor.

    The next game I played was CS:S. I have been playing CS since beta days, all on my CRT of course. So I have grown very accustomed to how that game should play. The problem with the panel is clear to me in this game. The input lag is bad. Basically meaning that the screen is slower than a CRT. A lot of LCDs have decent input lag in the 20 - 30ms range, nothing major. The Dell is supposed to have it in the 60 - 80ms range, which is about 3 - 5 frames it is behind. Technically not a lot, but it is the difference between life and death on the battlefield. Once again I noticed a bit of ghosting, nothing major though. Ghosting on an LCD is almost unavoidable

    Input lag unfortunately isn't tested then given a spec on the monitor, not that their number they would give would be legit anyhow. Response time is different btw, response time is what causes the ghosting/blurring. Response time is how quick it can change colors, gray to gray usually is how it is measured. Input lag is from the time the you push a button or move your mouse until it actually does what it is supposed to. There are quite a few videos on youtube, comparing the 2408WFP to other monitors. Digital Versus gives rough numbers that sound about right. Input lag is "Delay compared to CRT" on there. Input lag is more what I am worried about. Ghosting is going to happen, and generally speaking if you get a monitor with a faster response time, it should be ok. Input lag isn't quoted, and there aren't tons of reviews that mention it.

    Now would I say the Dell 2408WFP is a terrible monitor for gaming? No, I am just kinda picky. The price randomly jumps all around on this bad boy and it is definitely a bargain anywhere under $500. I got mine for $450 a while back, and it is definitely one of my best investments I have made. Easily one of the best monitors bang for your buck you can find. Once calibrated, it is gorgeous. The HP LP2475w is also a good bargin at it's price. I went with Dell because, I am kind of a Dell fanboy when it comes to monitors, and because it was cheaper at the time. The HP uses an H-IPS panel, similar to your 2209wa, which uses an E-IPS panel. The Dell uses a S-PVA panel. The IPS panels have a lower input lag than VA panels. So the HP should be better for gaming than the Dell, in theory at least. Both monitors get good reviews. The HP can probably be found cheaper elsewhere than Newegg, but I just did a quick search there.

    Funny you should mention the Dell 2209wa because it is one of my top contending monitors right now. The only thing holding me back from buying it right now, is the fact that I can't buy it through Dell anymore. Dell has discontinued the monitor due to not ordering anymore panels from LG. People that ordered recently apparently have waits going into September to receiver their monitor. They are supposedly getting a 24" IPS (Ultrasharp 2410WFP) according to a few rumors. No clue how the pricing on it will be, or what it's specs are, but it will probably be similar to the HP 2475, and in a similar price range.

    I looked at the Dell DP2309W but that is a very odd resolution. Would a lot of games even support that? Also, I only have a single GTX 260, which may struggle running that resolution in game. Although with a slideshow, I doubt ghosting or input lag would matter too much :P

    Thanks for all the replies so far. :)
  7. Thanks for your informative response.

    I am extremely pleased with my 2209wa - having moved up from another excellent Dell monitor - 1703FPS - that serviced me well for 5 years. I wish it were 1080p instead of just 1650x1080. I was hoping they would come out with a 23" or 24" version that was. The only small concern I have is that it lacks 1:1 scaling. As a result some images get distorted a small amount. I am not quite sure the how or when. When I watch Netflix movies online (by the way - just joined them a month ago and love it - am going to discontinue cable - how much more enjoyable to use pc to watch 30 Rock prior seasons without any add interruptions. Did not realize before that their show is only 21 minutes long - so must be getting 9 minutes of commercials and station breaks) the TV shows get letterboxed a little rather than having dimensions changed. But like anything, after watching a slightly distorted image for a minute or so the mind starts to ignore the distortion.

    Have you considered the Dell S2409W? It is 1920x1080 and is on sale right now for only $199 - although it only has the TN panel.
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