New Intel SSD 510 6Gbps Sata III


I just ordered two Intel 510 ssd's becuase even with the fasty drives, my cpu is i/o bound. I want more speed. I have a dell xps 435T/9000, I7 920 2.6, 8gig ddr3, 2 300 gig velociraptor 10K rpm drives in raid 0, x58 mobo. My current mobo controller only supports sata II (3gbps). Would I be able to achive significant performance increases if I bought a sata III pci board? Cold I get the 6gps perf? Is raid 0 a problem? I have a built in raid 0 controller.

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  1. It shouldn't be a problem, just make sure that SATA III card supports raid.
    Your system will be fast. If you blink you will miss the windows logo on boot.
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