D-Link 855 Router DNS and now slowing Slow x-fers

What should a 5GHz wireless N connection speed range be? I'm in the same room as my router and only seeing a maximum of 9 MB/second with Windows 7. Transfering a large file size but even the same with smaller ones.

The speed will start at about 9 MB/second then gradually it slows to near nothing and sorta dies out.

Windows 7 networking diagnostics then tells me its a DNS serving issue. I then have to begin the transfer again.

All my drivers and firmware are up to date to the best of my knowledge (Windows 7 Update drivers for the DWA-160) and those may be the only cause but shouldn't the tranfer rate be much higher in a room with no other 5GHz broadcasting? 2.4GHz speed on N wasn't much better.

There is a known firmware DNS issue with my router but nothing should effect the speed...

D-Link DIR-855 router.
D-Link DWA-160 wireless adapter.

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  1. If its a dns relay problem try going to setup in the router config ( then network settings and untick "enable dns relay". I think you have to have the advanced dns service disabled to do this...in setup again go to internet then manual setup and disable advanced dns service then below enter other dns servers...I use googles ones..... and
    The dns relay also causes other problems like disconnects and is best left off
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