What is the Best DDR3 Ram for Overclocking?

Alright well what is the best DDR3 memory in combination with AMD CPUs, Price isn't really an issue. Hands-down In your opinion what would be the best for extreme overlocking, generally what would be the best DDR3 2000? And I'm actually looking for dual-channel memory. 4x4. What would have the best latency, speed, and just performance. I'm looking for memory under $400. I know this seems like a lot, but I've been searching for a while. And I've come to a conclusion to consult my peers. So what would be the best for you? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Question depends on what you're OC'ing to an extent. I haven't found a reason to go beyond DDR1600 w/ the 920.

    The mushkin 998691's have the best CAS timings, but grab the 998692's if ya can find them.

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