To Wait Or Not To Wait

By now, it's a tired cliche to say that the hardware market is constantly changing and most parts that you buy will be surpassed by greater parts within 6-12 months.

I need to build a new computer but I'm curious to know if anyone thinks that there will be a paradigm change coming soon. I do realize that faster proc's, better video cards, and everything else will come out shortly after I build my new rig, but is there anything on the horizon that will make pretty much everything in a certain component obsolete such as a completely different architecture?

I try to keep up on most hardware news but this is a rather wide inquiry. Any advice or opinions would be most welcome. Thanks!
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  1. Other than the video cards will get DX11 in the next few months.
    CPU, MB, MEM, HDD will not have a big change technology wise.

    The only reason to wait is for the video card because of DX11.
  2. uhh, no nocteratus, just no...

    i5, ddr3 lowering in prices, pcie3, sata3, dx11, larrabee. In 2010-2011, 32nm and 22nm procs should be coming out mainstream, according to wikipedia. Sandy bridge @32nm in 2010 but will start at a pretty high price point, so depends on your budget. Then sandy bridge will shrink to a 22nm ivy bridge, and then haswell is gonna come out and make sse obsolete, which beats every current proc. But it in fall this year if you're on a budget to get the dx11's and i5. If not, wait for sandy bridge or even haswell.
  3. btw I got a cheap computer right now since I can't wait for i5's, so I'm gonna skip the dx11's and i5 altogether and go for a haswell on my next upgrade. I got a gtx260, athlon 7750, WD Caviar black 1tb and a nice cm690. If you wanna get something right now since you can't wait, you should consider getting an awesome kick-ass case since you'll be upgrading for sure down the road. When the time comes, just underclock all your parts back to stock and throw them in some generic case with a box psu and give it to your parents, then go and get yourself a haswell.
  4. Thanks Computabug. I need a new computer this fall, so hopefully when I start buying parts, the i5 and dx11 cards will be out. The pcie3 and sata3 I'll just be able to upgrade via a card I suppose if the mobo's at the time don't have any on board. I imagine I'll end up skipping Sandy Bridge and wait for Haswell as my next upgrade after this upcoming rig I've planned.

    Is AMD up to anything exciting or more cheap but not very flashy mid-range stuff?
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