Games crash if pc restarted after driver installation...

I recently upgraded my 8600GTS with an EVGA GTX275 and if i reboot my pc after the driver finishes installing i ll get a crash from any game before the intro video even starts...If i wont restart everything plays well..I tried uninstalling,clearing with driver sweeper in safe mode and then reinstalling the drivers, but again i get crashes...
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  1. Can we have a list of specs please and include the power supply please as this is where i suspect the problem lies.

  2. Athlon X2 6400+ at 3.2GHz
    2x 1GB Kingston and 2x 1GB Corsaird at 800Mhz
    120GB + 250GB Western Digital
    PSU Thermaltake TR2 550W

    i cant see how the psu could be responsible... if i dont reboot after the driver installation i can play all games without any problems for as long as i like... system is also stable at all times...
  3. Well a GPU will draw pretty much peak load when starting up and the 275 draws about 140 Watts so i would think thats it. Given that its 12v rails are pretty weak by todays standards and the older it gets the weaker it gets teamed with two HDD's and is that an OC on the CPU i see as well ?
    I had a card do similar to me, that was down to drivers though rolled back drivers and it was fine, hadnt updated the card just drivers.

  4. but if the psu fails to load why is it always playing well if i dont reboot? and no, the cpu is not oc-ed... i have also tried different driver versions... what i suspect is that when windows boot some configuration change(?)...maybe a registry issue because i replaced the gpu?
  5. Well I think whats happening is that when the card is installed and you start the PC back up its got no Drivers to tell the GPU to spin up the fan etc and its also possable the boot sequence dosent even involve the GPU at this point, I mean sure it powers it but not at the same time or to the same profile as when the drivers are installed.
    So when you install the drivers and re start the PC the driver will run a differant more demanding start up profile which your PSU cant quite live with.

  6. ^^ +1 to that. Boot up is the most demanding for your psu, as it runs everything 100% all at once
  7. if i understood well what you said, the gpu runs at a different profile before the reboot of the system...but, when i install the drivers i dont uninstall them first, i just run the installation again...isn t the gpu running the same profile? also,from EVGA's precision i can see that the core,shader,memory etc reach their top frequencies (ie 633 MHz for the core) when i play a game... and how do you suggest i check if it s a psu issue? unplug a hard drive or the dvd-rw?

    ps. excuse me for my english they re not my native language
  8. mactronix said:
    Well I think whats happening is that when the card is installed and you start the PC back up

    i never unplug the gpu if thats what you mean...
  9. Try a different driver.
  10. i tried... look above... ;)
  11. I read where it's 16 and 17 amps on each of the two rails..?. If by blind luck you can get 1 molex connector from each "rail' plugged into the "Y" splitter you might have a slim chance of it working right. HAHA on that.

    Way too many people say AHAH!.... 550 watt PSU. Enough to power the world when in reality you should be looking at AMPs....... like enough to run what you have and then some. Think about buying a power supply with around 40 to 50AMPS on a "single" rail and you'll be on your way.

    Forgot to mention. Quite a few people have problems running the new Nvidia drivers that are Windows7 compatible. Try running an earlier version.
  12. isn t there a way to indentify it's the psu responsible before going to buy another one? i just gave 220Euros for the card i dont want to go spend another 80E extra for a psu... and i also tried the drivers from evga's cd..
  13. Looking here
    +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5VSB
    Max. Load 30A 28A 14A 15A 0.3A 2.0A
    Min. Load 0.5A 0.3A 1.0A 1.0A 0.0A 0.0A
    Peak load 16A 2.5A
    Load Reg. +5% ~ -5% +5% ~ -5% +5% ~ -5% +5% ~ -5% +10% ~ -10% +5% ~ -5%
    V(p-p) 50mV 50mV 100mV 100mV 100mV 50 mV

    The max load is only 28 amps, which is fine for running a 4850 or a G250, but a 260 is pulling too much power. Having only 15 amps on 1 rail and 14 on the other, its not enough, and your psu is straining to work, and the shutdowns will only get worse
  14. well indeed the psu seems not enough but my system is very stable and i m not experiencing any shutdowns...also stable at all times when playing games.. thank you all very much for your help..
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