Upgrading to AM3 today, Crossfire depending on PSU

Hello all,

Bidding my 939 build goodbye as my AM3 components arrived today!

Phenom II X3 720BE
Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P 790X RT
4 GB G.SKILL DDR2 1066
640 GB Western Digital black
640 GB Western Digital green
Sapphire 4830
2 Lite-On dvd burners (one IDE one SATA)
Multi-card reader in 2.5" bay
HT OMEGA Striker 7.1
Wireless card
4 120 mm fans
550W Corsair PSU

Now my question is: Would my PSU support a 4850 and 4830 in Crossfire, or would it be worth it to get a 4870 or 4890?
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  1. I wasn't aware you could mix different video chipsets in crossfire; power supply is also dependant on your monitor screen size and what resolution setting you use.
  2. You can crossfire two different ATI cards (not NVIDIA though). 550W is the minimum recommended PSU for dual 4850's in crossfire. If you crossfire a 4850 with your 4830 you should remain within the power envelope. With that Phenom running 95W, two HDDs and 2 DVDs + 4 case fans, you might be stretching it close, but I wouldn't worry.

    I am running an overclocked Athlon (probably around 95W), single 4850, 4HDDs, 2DVD, and 4 case fans on a 450W PSU, so the minimum often works out fine.

    edited to remove redundant "howevers"
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