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The specs fo this mobo on Newegg say 'Memory Standard DDR3 2000MHz+" , does this mean that I need at LEAST 2000MHz memory? I saw someone on another website post their specs which included this mobo and 1600 RAM and that sorta confused me so now im wondering if I can use the 1066 RAM I have already to save some money.
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    I have been looking to buy the P55 FTW for some time now so this research is pretty fresh in my head.

    Tiger Direct lists the manufacturer specs as:

    Memory Supported: 1066MHz DDR3
    1333MHz DDR3
    1600MHz DDR3

    I am also fairly certain that with the editing features available in the bios that you can push the RAM clock speeds to that 2000+ that you were referring to, but I wouldn't try that with any old RAM. Best of luck.
  2. thx alot
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