Would you build a gaming rig now?

I've been going through the threads here to get suggestions for a new rig for gaming (thanks btw, I've learned a crap-load). But the more I read the more I wonder if I should stick it out with this 3-4 year old PC for a bit longer. I know hardware changes fast and no build will be the best for long, but...

Dx11/dx11 gpu's.
Windows 7 still being in beta.
SSD prices comming down.
Possible price drop on i7's when i5/i3 series comes out.
USB 3.0
(I'm sure there's more I don't know about)

Are all making me second guess my decision to click "proceed to check-out". I expect to hear something like, "Don't be dumb, you'll end up waiting 6 months just to see something even sexier coming out in another 6 months" etc etc. I'd still like to hear the opinions of folks who stay hardware savvy continually...unlike myself, who only knows something about hardware if its time to build a new machine.

So if it was your $1500-1700, would you hold onto it until some new tech arrives? And if so, how long?
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  1. id buy everytging else and wait 4 the next gen graphics cards
  2. If you want to go out and buy some new PC games in the next week that would bring your current system to a crawl, then just build a new system now. Considering the relatively high prices of the i5s I'd say that only the quad core Phenom IIs would see a significant price reduction, and maybe the i7 920 if Intel wants to reduce that inventory to push people to buy i5s. On the GPU side though DX11 cards will start coming out so you may just want to wait till those drop in price a little and upgrade your GPU then. For now, you may as well go with a decent GPU so you can play some games in the mean time :D.
  3. I was thinking the GTX 260 core 216 for around $180
    or get the sapphire 4890 toxic at $260 which is top notch in terms of sound/performance/heat
    ^^ super sexy :love:

    but if i were to save now, could i'd get a GPU under $100 and would still be able play under those specs that i posted?

    what GPU would you recommend purchasing for a 24-26 inch monitor (samsung T260HD)?
    -1900x1200 monitor res
    -can play 1080p movies
    -moderate games (not crysis) i.e. America's Army (will it be able to play on full specs? if not - its okay)

    The real question is what is an affordable/replaceable card for the meantime that will not hurt the wallet. I'm really not sure if i should wait or just get the 4890 toxic.... really want the 4890 toxic tho....!!!

    Also what is the projected price of the new X11 GPU's? most people are not going to spend $300+ for the new 40mm chips. unless money ain't a thing
  4. well as with any GPU, the initial price will be rather high, and then drop over time. id say they will be comparable to the current GPU's perhaps slightly more expensive.
  5. I know what you mean - would it be worth to buy now? Anyone know if any parts (especially the motherboard) will be compatible later on? I can see getting some stuff now would be worth it... case, PSU, DDR3 ram, cooling unit, all would be good (for years if well looked after), but are the CPU and the motherboard are big purchases that may become incompatible within a year?? Will an i7 mobo be good with DX 11, or will it become something that will need to be replaced also... So frustrating. GPU's will always be getting better, and we know for sure the DX11 cards are coming out 'soon'. Definitely worth buying a lower price GPU at this time (260 or 4850) instead of a GTX 295 or w/e.
  6. bosko, I like so many with more money than sense do upgrades all the time. I have had the same MoBo for a while now a AM2+ and it has held a amd 5000+be a Phenom 9950 Be and now has a Phenom 2 955 be. I just added a second HD 4870 1gb VC and had to upgrade the PSU for power and connectors. Some day I may pop for a new AM3 MoBo. For me the process is ongoing. Personally I would plan to make the jump when Win 7 is out, which is supposed to be Oct. The SSD question can be answered whenever you feel that the value is there, if not now six months or a year or more don't put off the system because of the SSD.
  7. well i am in the process of building right now mate. here are the reasons i am still building

    -the GPUs will be too expensive for my budget when they come out
    -there arent games that will be unplayable for me just because of DX11
    -i plan on buying a SSD when they drop in price, and when that happens, i will simply move my current main HDD into a storage drive. you cant ever have enough storage :)

    you cant live on the 'well if i wait x-amount of months x-product will be out' you will get in an endless cycle.

    and yeah, i am goind the same route as you. i am getting a GTX 275 (only $199 on newegg for the PNY version)
  8. mdale13 said:

    -i plan on buying a SSD when they drop in price, and when that happens, i will simply move my current main HDD into a storage drive. you cant ever have enough storage :)

    Yeah for some reason that never crossed my mind...Genius. :) Is it worth it to raid-0 SSD drives? I've heard mixed reviews.

    mdale13 said:
    and yeah, I am going the same route as you. i am getting a GTX 275 (only $199 on newegg for the PNY version)

    And you read my mind and answered my next question. Genius and Psychic! I'll be posting one of those "1st build suggestions and tweaks" threads soon. Thanks for the input fellas.
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