Most Apps will not load, why?

Ever since installing Win8 (clean install), most apps do not work. e.g. Ebay, Netflix, Newegg, flightaware, maps, ...all just bring up their logo/start screen and flash back to the start page. Skype works.

I do notice if I mouse to the left side of the screen, all the previous apps that didnt load, show up as choices...If I select them, they just sit with their logo screen..thats it.

Another, no idea if related, is I installed Handbrake and it does not load. No errors, just never loads or executes. There are no logs in the appdata folder fact, no reference to handbrake.

I assume something is amiss,but no idea where/how to start here.

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  1. are you on a surface rt or a desktop/laptop?
  2. desktop. xps420
  3. Do you have a third party firewall installed? If so, disable it and then try loading the apps again. I notice this behavior every so often if I try to enter the Windows Store, and my system doesn't have an IP address from my router yet. Once I have an IP and network connectivity, the Store loads fine.
  4. I found elsewhere that these symptoms appeared to be an issue with. Net framework. The only wag I felt to sort it was to repair the install. I booted to Win8 Dvd and selected refresh the install. It worked well and the apps work!
    But. After initial reboot it asked which windows 8 boot I wanted to load. That was confusing to me but I picked one. It works well but it appears I have 2 installs/boots. How can I check and delete one?

  5. I wanted to report back. I originally thought there was a dual boot scenario because how it asked which boot to load. It no longer asks that. I was trying to determine where all my disk space had gone. I use a 120gb SSD for Windows and some key programs. It was down to 30gb. I found that when refreshing Win8, it created a Windows.old folder that had all my previous programs plus windows. That was the space hog.
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    Yup... the Refresh option moves everything to the Windows.old folder and sets up a fresh copy of Windows. Gets a bit confusing if you don't realize what it's doing.

    Now that it's working after the refresh, I would also check and make sure the hibernation file is disabled (unless you actually use hibernation), and make sure the paging file is moved on to a standard spinning magnetic drive instead of the SSD (assuming one is present).
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  8. thanks. I did that previously but had not yet on this new install. I actually setup no paging file as I have 6gb of ram.
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