I5 760 4.2 ghz oc, please review specs


210 blk
x20 multi
qpi auto
1.376 vcore
1.2 vtt / imc
1.6 dram
1.8 cpu pll
1.05 pch

so far i only ran about 20 min prime 95 with no errors or nothing i will be doing a full 24 hour test with these settings after i hear back from some of you peoples

let me know what you think.

btw max load temps after 20 min was 75 with real temp 3.60

i am using the coolermaster v6 cpu cooler
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  1. Run OCCT linpack. It probably fails within 5 minutes.

    No way that thing is stable at 4.2ghz with under 1.4vcore
  2. 1.4 vcore is max... and yes i have ran linpack and it doesn't fail.
  3. Well run it overnight to check if it's stable.
  4. will do tonight, i did a bit of gaming yesterday with no hickups and good temps nothing over 55ish while gaming.
  5. It is too hot back it off to 4.0 and you will see the temp drop to 72 or so.
  6. Hey Spent i disagree the 760 is a very hot running chip and i think thats about the best temp you are going to get from it, the 760 for some odd reason has always run hot.
  7. since this got brought back to life i would like to say I am still running 4.2 on my i5 760 and gaming with it daily and it is 100% stable with not one crash or bsod.
  8. Hi Am sorry didn't see it was an old post, awesome man thats great thought it would be alright.
  9. ambizro said:

    200 blk
    x21 multi
    qpi auto
    1.46250 vcore
    1.39375 vtt / imc
    1.65 dram
    1.9 cpu pll
    1.15 pch
    mobo P7P55D-E pro, turbo boot enable, normal use temp 45, play game stablity no crash (temp 4xC~6XC)
    so far i ran about 5 hours prime 95 with no errors or nothing
    let me know what you think.
    max load temps after 5 hours was 95 with Coretemp 1.0 RC3
    i am using the Noctua NH-D14
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