I have a HP mediasmart EX490 NAS, how can i adapt it to run as a DAS
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  1. Connect it directly to the PC via USB rather than via IP routing
  2. Tried connecting with a USB cable did'nt work
  3. Of course It won't work, because you CAN NOT use the USB port on the NAS and treat the NAS likes a DAS

    May I ask why do you want to change it to DAS?
  4. I cant set it up as a NAS because i dont have the internet in the home, on trying to install the software it looks for an IP adress, i just want to use it for storing movies on it.
  5. Sorry, for late reply.
    Ah! that is easy! Here is what you do.

    Make sure both Ethernet port are Gigabit, otherwise you need cross-over cat5.

    Connect NAS directly to your system

    Set IP manually to:
    192.168.1.xxx (your system)
    192.168.1.xxx (NAS)
    where xxx can be 001~255
    Enable NAS Samba service
    Enter \\192.168.1.xxx (NAS address)
    Now you can access your NAS w/o hub or switches.
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