Furmark high temps.

In VRM temps when running Furmark with my Hd 4890 XFX I get VDDC slave at about 150 max how it used to be, and I got to reach at 151 max the highest I ever got. I won't run furmark again as I read it can damage the card. but Is there anyone else getting such temps with furmark, when I play COD4 those temps are average at about the 76-78s. Thanks.
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  1. Furmark really stresses the card. My XFX HD4870's also used to reach 150C on vddc. However, I replaced the stock themal pad on the vrms with Shin estu thermal paste and now temps for vddc top out at 100C with Furmark.
  2. I'm afraid to mess with the card as it's a new part that I got. Maybe later. But yes 151 C is pretty high and gets me worried. Is it not a faulty card that I got?

    Oh I hear some getting problems wit hard system freezes at 3d Mode. Mines sometimes hard freezes too, but usualy after hours of gaming, and one time it happened after about 20-40minutes of gaming I think yesterday, I never timed myself.

    I heard that it would be faulty only if it froze much quicker. Thanks.
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