Overclocking on Intel Extreme Motherboard (i7 2600k)

Hey guys,
I just recently installed an intel extreme motherboard and an i7 2600k.

Motherboard: DP67BGB3 LGA 1155 Intel P67 SATA 6Gb/s

My last processor was an i5-750 which I had oc'd to 3.4 on my asus board. I'm wondering if anyone has has had any experience overclocking the i7 with the intel extreme BIOS. I've overclocked before but do not consider myself an expert and didn't want to try anything without knowing what I'm doing. Right now I'm just using the XMP to run my memory at 1600mhz, but have the processor still at stock.

I believe there is a "tuning utility" that Intel puts out to help overclock, but I've never been a fan of overclocking with software.

Thanks for the input guys,
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  1. you mean this one?
    im not gonna suggest anything, last time i did that butterflies died all over the world
  2. No not that one lol, this is the one for their "extreme series" that came with my board:

  3. omg it looks soo extreme! i just wanna watch :D
  4. lol....well it actually was pretty big news when intel came out with this particular utility because they are now pushing that it be used for all motherboards such as MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte..etc because it supports the intel chipset rather than the specific motherboard.
  5. u managed to make it boring -.-
    ok so turn off speed step/turbo boost, set clock to 200, multipliers to 20, let it adjust ur voltage or set something like 1.4
  6. by multipliers i only mean the cpu core multipliers
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