Keyboard media keys not working


bought some cheap multimedia keyboard, trick is on my NB with XP SP3 its all working (volume, web, mail....), but on my pc with same OS its not.... reinstalled USBs, tried all usb slots, uninstalled firewall - nothing worked.. looks like some trouble with HID interface-HID keyboard device..
after connecting keyboard its installed properly, under device manager its all there (HID devices, etc..)

any idea what to do (without reinstalling OS)???? some HID driver updates???

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  1. DRIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ?? what drivers?? it has no drivers. finally its HID service not working and couldnt start..
  3. lol.... extra keys on keyboards that are not standard keys often come with a driver CD...
  4. no, i had 2 keyboards with extra media keys and didnt need any drivers-windows recognize them as HID device and it was all nicely working
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