4670 on 300W

my hp media centre pc config is
PentiumD 820 (S) DC 2.8 GHz
800 MHz front side bus
motherboard name: Asterope2-GL8E Chipset X200
2 GB DDR2 ram 667Mhz
Hard drive 160 GB SATA 7200 rpm
GeForce 7300LE 64 MB DDR memory
300W HIPRO smps with 19A on 12V Rail

i am upgrading my gpu to 512 mb hd 4670.
do i need to change the power supply.
i also have on tv tuner card, one lan card, and one more pci card. i am planning to remove the latter two as i am not using them.
i also have a coolermaster fan/heatsink other than the fan which comes with the pc.
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  1. You will be just fine with that Hipro power supply and a HD4670 graphic card.
  2. HELL YEAH!!! i too have a 7300 GT and ive just bought a HD 4670 to replace it!

    having an issue with removing the old card, but ill solve it soon...

    hmm... not sure if 300 Watts is enough... i tried checkign on their website and they "recommend" 400 Watts, but a 9600 GT consumes 100 W and they also recommend 400 W for that...

    guess ull have to just try it out...

    gd luck, bro. 4670 FTW!!!
  3. Well, if it's any consolation: I ran an x1900xt off a 320w power supply for a couple weeks! And that video card pulls around 2-2.5x as much power as the 4670 you're looking at, so I think you'll be fine!
  4. 19a is more then enough for the 4670
  5. The HD4670 at most uses 64 watts of power.

    An excellent article here : PC power consumption: How many watts do we need ?

    in this article showing the best hardware to examine actual power usage a system with a HD4650 (20 watts less then the HD4670) used a total of 137 watts at full load. (home PC numbers) Check it out.

    If jimdog would kindly put his research and benchmarks out so we could examine actual numbers it would be appreciated.

    Yeah i just checked out more of jimdogs posts. He's just a troll.
  6. Quote:
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    stop spamming. you have no real clue.
  7. As others have mentioned the 4670 is one of the best value bar none when it comes to low power gaming. Solid performance, low wattage requirements, low power, etc. You won't go wrong with it.
  8. Why watercool an 8800gt when it's only use now would be to fry eggs on it?
  9. hey thank for the help. one more question is that how much will be my pc bottlenecked by 4670 as compared to 9500 or will there be no bottlenecking.? does 9500 gives the same performance as compared to 4670? i have heard that there are always problem with ati drivers. Will i be able to play the newly released rpg and fps like cod 4, stalker cs, last remnant, gta iv, fallout 3, crysis warhead etc at 1024x768 with max settings and AA and AF without any problem
  10. The HD4670 will outperform the 9500GT

    for benchmarks here's one link

    and no, with your system you won't be able to play new games at max settings.
  11. will it be possible at 800x600 maximum or around maximum
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