Anyone Else Had Problems With Nvidia 186 drivers ?

I installed the Nvidia 186.18 drivers hoping for an increase in preformance and instead I got some really funny results. My desktop looked like it was running at 16 bit even though it was set to 1680x1050 / 32bit color. Even my older games like Quake 2 looked like crap. Not only that I was playing fallout 3 from the beginning for the 3rd time and my custom key mapping had been changed. Not all of them just my movement keys were set back to default, Hmmmmm? I went back to the older 182.50 driver now all is well again. I'm running Vista Ultimate 32bit, Intel Q9300 @2.5 ghz, 4 gigs ram, Nvidia 9600 GSO 768mb
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  1. Yes I have that same issue, I also reverted back to 182.50 oddly, it gives me higher Vista scores with the 182 as well. Running Vista Ultimate 32 bit, AMD 7750 @ 2.7GHz, 4 Gigs of 1066MHz ram and and Nvidia 9500GT OC 512MB.
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