New system, some old component

good day,

my old system finally kick the bucket.

planning to get a new system in a few days

CPU, RAM, Mainboard, GPU..etc.. will be 2009 spec

however for bdget and simplicity reason, I'm planning to keep my 2002 CD-RW and 2005 DVD-ROM; and 2002 40GB HDD and 2005 200GB.

The 40GB will retain it's current function, split into two partition for Windows and Ubuntu, the 200GB will also continue as storage and backup.

my question is , will the differences in specs have significant negative impact on performance ?

should I jsut get a new - small and cheap - HDD to use as the main drive?

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  1. I would stretch the CD-RW & spend the $26 on a new DVD DL-RW.

    As for your HDD's, I would recommend upgrading the 40GB drive. You can still use the 200GB as storage drive. It seems your system would be best suit with a small SSD if you can fit it into your budget. If you can't, get the WD 640GB Black. You will see an vest improvement in your system with any of these two drives.
  2. Get a large modern HDD to use as your main drive and boot drive, I went from an old 80GB HDD that came with my desktop back in '02 to a 250GB seagate 7200.10 a few years back and the performance different was quite noticeable. Also you wont be able to carry over that many old IDE devices today so you will be forced to drop atleast 1 of each as modern boards only support 1 PATA cable so you are restricted to 2 devices, so you are going to need either SATA optical drives or a SATA HDD.
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