ASUS P5T/Antec 900 Front Panel Audio Not Working

Hi there,

I just finished up my fantastic build and I was installing things today and noticed windows wasn't making any response when I had my headphones plugged into the front audio panel.

So, I decided to search the net and found that a lot of people have this problem too, but they all seem a bit outdated to me or something doesnt match up right enough for me to make a fix. So anyways here's what I have done so far:

1. Made sure the front panel audio connection was correct, and in place.
2. installed/reinstalled the drivers that came with the CD.
3. went into the BIOS to make sure everything was in correctly.
4. Saw a solution that was for some reason redirecting the audio to one of the PCI slots. So I disabled and removed that one and the problem is still persisting.

I really doubt that it's fualty because it is being recognized by SOUNDMAX, and my back panel works perfectly. Also, everything else seems to be working on the front panel such as firewire/USB ports.

I'm really starting to run out of idea's here, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out, thanks.
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  1. I use an Antec 900-2 and I also had trouble with the front panel audio. At first, I was using AC97 connector and nothing working, then I tried the "HD audio connector" and I was getting sound, but with enough noise to be annoying. I haven't really tried anything else since because I mostly use my speakers.
  2. yeah that's the thing though, im using the HD Audio because I hear that AC97 is crappy compared to it, I kinda want to buy a sound card just t see if its the front panel or not.
  3. If the back pannel works, chances are the front pannel, or maybe just the FP wires are deffective. But, if in the end you get as much static un the FP as I do, it's not even worth the trouble.
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