Live In Thailand so cooling is important

Ok as I said I live in Thailand so cooling the system is important.

With temperature very often at 35C plus and humidity at 50%.

So I just had my old Hp pavillion desktop give up the ghost Motherboard and power supply.

However I recovered to put together a quick budget system from my present location.

This consists of a Processor intel E5300

Motherboard Asus P5QL-E

Power supply says 450W realy 300W. Gave me a free case as the HP one would not take the motherboard total cost 200 Dollars US.

Memory Kingston Value Ram 2 GB 667 MHZ already had.

Graphics Leadtek Winfast PX7600gt Extreme.

How I use my computer mainly for internet and for watching films in dual view. I understand this last option has been removed for the lat 2 years by Nvidia. So I cam concentrating on ATI Video cards Hd 4850 or better as I do do some gaming.

I intend to replace the Motherboard and Processor within the next 6 Months for overclocking purposes when I have a system with stable Temperatures.

I require some new Ram and a decent power supply and a good case.

For the initial purchases I am willing to spend 500 Dollars US.

Any help would be most apreciated.

P.S. The video card would preferably exhast from the rear of the case.
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  1. First gave up the ghost is a bit of slang. Power supply and motherboard failed due to electrical storm. New power supply should be labeled as 300W if it complied with any proper specification. Sorry bit of sarcasm refrence Thailand made compments.

    I can buy parts here cheaper than you can get in America and everything is available for example the video card I quoted. Yes Thailand is very often hotter when you take in to account humidity and not just temperature.

    At the moment today has been at 39c with RH topping 80% until we had a storm.

    Online retailers in Thailand generally are 30% more expensive than bying direct from the smaller shops. Thats why I make it a subject.

    When was the last time you read any review which quoted the Wet and Dry buldb temperatures.

    I came here looking for help thats all. Not some Jack the lad PS I can pick up the ATI card made buy saphire at less than 100 US dollars. To give you a refrence..
  2. all i know, is that jack the lad was awesome hahahahaa
  3. I made the point about Thailand as it is a and can be a hot area never implied it was the hottest place in the World. However using a whirling hygrometer I have recorded temperatures of 46C and 70% RH.

    But that is nothing compared to the Red Sea and being in the Engine Room of a ship with a large steam leak. LOL LOL LOL

    This site claims to cover and have people from various parts of the world. Would you recommend the same for The Arctic as you would for the Red Sea.

    I put together something as a stop gap machine. My wife goes crazy when I spend lots on the PC so I have found that if I purchase in stages she is happy.

    The free case I got is useless. So I am looking for a good case with good ventilation that will also provide ventilation for 3 1 Terabyte hard disks.

    I intend to purchase 2 2Gb Ram chips and would like some advice on make and speed. I am not looking to over clock to the limit.

    The Video Card I have is OK but I am looking to purchase something that will last me well for a couple of years.

    The power supply is totally crap voltage fluctuations are large so I am looking to purchase something a lot more stable.

    The motherboard and processor video card and memory will be used for a pc for my son. So they will not go to waste.

    The motherboard tests show that this motherboard is not very good for over clocking.

    These were purchased locally and not at the large IT centre which is 200 KM away were today the video card is selling at 78 US dollars in one shop. My friend has just purchased one. but this is a single slot card that exhaust into the case. As we all have found someone can always get something cheaper.

    My fault should have had a back up system available.

    What I am looking for is some recomendations on bang for buck not on the best at this present moment.

    Now I have a working PC and just looking for some advice and putting together something a lot better.

    So maybe my intial post was not very accurate that was due to a massive electrical storm that stoped internet access and the fact I was now very tired.

    Please dont read something that is not there. I am sure you are a very helpfull and Knowledgeable person and any help is most appreciated.
  4. Thanks for that the Ram deal seems to have gone. The web site I would use in Thailand has died like all the Thai internet hardware supplyers.

    I will see if I can get this lot on the 7 thank you very much.

    Then I will come back and tell you how well it went.

    Thanks again.
  5. That is fine. I like your self like Gigabyte and Asus.

    Anyway low and behold my wife has given me like an open book to buy what I want thats because I have just secured a 10 year contrat here in Thailand. She wants a baby girl so we have agreed to that.

    So now my requirements have changed some what.

    The existing I have I need a good quality case the mother board is not fantastic but will do I shall upgrade the ram to 1066 MHZ so I can overclock a bit and install a Ati graphics card the new 4770 that should do my 6 year old for a couple of years.
    Budget 300 Us Dollars

    She insists on me putting together a Mid range for my 12 year old. So something around 1500 Dollars would be perfect.

    Now my spec Quad core definetly no nvidia only ATI still not sure if win 7 and what version. Would like to overclock but not to extreme levels. With autocad you need lots of mem on some of the modelling. Most intersted in case power supply motherboard CPU and Ram I will get a monitor myself because of autocad. (New company will pay for that. They will duplicate my build at the office.)
    Budget excuding monitor 4000 us dollars.
    More Ram the better. Also considering some solid state drives.
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