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Is it okay to buy a refurbished SSD?

I found a refurbished 60GB Corsair Force Series SSD for $90 which is a steal compared to the normal $140, but I was wondering what the opinions were on refurbished items. Am I just asking for the item to fail in the future, or are they usually completely fine.
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  1. Do you still get the full warranty or a short one year warranty?
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    many mfgrs just repackage drives that have been shipped in for RMA's after they ahve been unlocked/recovered. Sandforce drives havewhat's called a panic locked state for which RMA is necessary. All that's required by the mfgr is to use an engineering flash to release the locked state and restore full performance. Drives are also updated to the latest firmware as well during the process.

    Thing to remember is that locked drives are usually the result of bios incompatibility/sleep transition issues and NOT due to users pounding them with data or numerous benchmarks or any sort of abuse. I would say you have a decent drive that should be fine for many years. Well.. assuming you don't panic lock it again from your end, right? lol

    Hope that helped.
  3. Should be fine just make sure it comes with orginal manf. warranty and not a third party supplier.
  4. This item was in store pick up only so I went with new.
  5. That is what I would have done.
    Most likely you whould have had a 80% - it would have worked fine. But then I'm not Irish so If I had bought It would have been in the 20%.
  6. Good thing I went new then...I am also Irish.
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  8. If you get warranty or at least few days to RMA you can giving a try, if doesn't fit your expectations go with the new one.
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