ASUS vs Gigabyte new models

I'm building a new i5 based system and need help on choosing a motherboard.
I'm torn between Gigabyte P55A-UD4P and ASUS P7P55D-E PRO.

Read in a article that ASUS one fully supports USB3.0/SATA6Gb without any downsides while Gigabyte does so by dropping it's PCI lane to x8.

Price difference is negligible, 5 dollars...

Any advice, thoughts, opinions?
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  1. I think the Asus p55s still use the foxconn socket which seem to have bad pin connections, which can cause burnouts if you overclock too much or are just unlucky.

    Also depends on how much graphical horsepower you're putting in, the drop from x16 to x8 doesn't seem to noticeably affect the performance of most mainstream cards, even a single 5870.
  2. Even the new Asus -E models still use Foxconn?

    I'm planning on putting in a single 5850 graphics card for now but would like to keep my options open and Crossfiring down the road. That's why I liked the new Asus model, but if it really still uses Foxconn sockets... it would be a lot of money burning up ;)

    Anyone has any experience with either of these boards?
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