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im looking for a good configuration for work and GOOD GAMING, so i need some good advice?
here's what im looking at:

intel core 2 quad q9550
MB asus P5Q turbo intel p45
4 gb ram 800 mhz
ati radeon HD 4890 / 1gb

so this is what im looking at, but i need good advice?
thx :)

"i dont even know if the components fit together" :$ :D:D:D
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  1. maybe you should go for a phenom ii build with the money you're gonna throw at a q9550 and p45 setup..
  2. I would probably suggets going i5 at the moment if you can find a good deal on the mobo / cpu.

    anyway as for the kit you have chosen, firstly yes they will all work / fit together.

    to use the full 4gb of ram you need a 64 bit operating system - otherwise you wont see more than 3.1gb

    Most of the assembly will be straight forward - plenty of guides on the net, however depending on your pc case neat cabling will be the biggest challenge.
  3. As an owner of a Q9550 and a Q6600, I agree with ulysses. If you are contemplating such a build, go with an i5.

    And if you are planning to use a 4890, think about the new 5800's.
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