Overclocking Gigabyte GTX560ti

I have a Gigabyte GTX560ti with these specs:
900 core
1800 shaders
4008 memory
1037 Voltage

I am trying to overclock with Afterburner to make it equivelent to a Gigabyte SOC card. So i tryed these specs:
950 Core
1900 shaders
4300 memory
1050 Voltage

The card Idled at 26 at auto fan speed and reached 78 max after 17 minutes on furmark. However the furmark test ended after 17 minutes is this a bad overclock? should i try raise the voltage a little more because the temps are fine, im trying to get a 1000 core 2000 shaders and 4580 memory.

Just run a full 3D MArk 06 test no crashes on my OC settings
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  1. You only want to raise the voltage to aid in stability. If your running well no need to add voltage.
  2. Id consider upping the voltage to 1075 which is what my 560Ti is OC'd to and its very stable and temps stay around 72degree's using furmark
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