Hello, I reinstalled windows xp on a Dell Lattitude D620 Laptop and I am showing yellow in Device Manager for Ethernet Controller, 02Micro CCID SC Reader,
SM Bus Controller, Video Controller(VGA Compatable) and Video Controller. Are these for microsoft xp or for Dell. Your help would greatly be appreciated as I have no
idea where to find these.
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  1. Those yellow symbols are the drivers on the previous installation that were not included in the Windows XP CD... so you have to update them from the Dell website one by one... click on the link and next click on each link named 'Choose from a list of all Dell products', 'Laptops', 'Latitude', 'Latitude D620'

    Those drivers which you cant find in the Dell drivers download page, you can update with the application Slim Drivers which is free and quick as you can see in the youtube video.

    SlimDrivers 2.2.13867 download
  2. Thank You for your response. I know the Dell Drivers are there, but I can't tell which ones I need. I don't know
    much about techinical issues. I cannot get into Slimdrivers, as I cannot get on the internet yet. If I new which ones
    to download I could put them on a cd and load them on the laptop. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Click on this link for a direct download of the Ethernet LAN driver... once download is complete, double click on the .exe file and the installation will begin. Once it finishes you should have internet access via cable. There are several drivers for the same purpose due to different ethernet cards installed on variation of the D620 model. This is the first ethernet driver in the download list so it's the more obvious to download. Even if it's not the exact driver you need, it should connect and help you download the Slim Drivers application so it can install the right driver if it should turn out to be different.

    For Wireless connection there even more drivers so there is no way to tell which you need untill you can install the hardware information application you can download from the following link:

    Install this application to ID devices on the Dell Latitude D620 laptop... that information will help you download the right drivers

    I'm supposing you can download to the computer you're using to post here... so download either the ethernet driver to connect to the internet or the Speccy application to determine which exact ethernet or wireless card you have, to download the exact driver you need, or to give me that information so I can locate the right wireless driver.
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